CSS: Transforms and Transitions

CSS: Transforms and Transitions

CSS: Transforms and Transitions

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Create more visually interesting and dynamic websites. Learn how to build animated effects and 3D objects using CSS transforms and transitions. Follow along with author Patrick Carey as he shows how to transition between properties such as color, background, opacity, and positioning, and adjust the timing and duration of transitions. Patrick explains how to perform 2D transformations, such as scaling, skewing, and rotating, as well as transformations in 3D. He shows how to transform objects along the X-, Y-, and Z-axis; use perspective; and create 3D objects such as animated cubes. Interactive demo pages are included with the exercise files, so you can practice what you’ve learned after each video.

Topics include:

  • Applying CSS transitions
  • Managing transition timing
  • Making 2D transformations
  • Rotating and scaling in 3D
  • Working in 3D space
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know

Exploring Transitions
3 Apply CSS transitions
4 Manage transition timing
5 Steps and delays
6 Create an asymmetric transition

Working with 2D Tranformations
7 The 2D transformation styles
8 Combine transformations
9 The matrix transformation
10 Multiply matrix transformations

Working with 3D Transformations
11 Translations in 3D space
12 Rotations and scaling in 3D
13 Multiple transformations in 3D
14 The matrix 3D transformation

Working in 3D Space
15 Perspective in 3D space
16 Working with backfaces
17 Create a 3D cube

18 Next steps